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Curiosity and Appreciative Inquiry

Posted November 30, 2021 by Bill Snyder
A recent Viking travel video invited us to be curious. As it turns out, we’ve been learning what we already knew. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a valuable tool when exploring an issue or opportunity. David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney promoted this approach of inquiring into strengths in an organization. In their book, “Appreciative Inquiry, a Read More

Courage and Fear

Posted October 6, 2021 by Bill Snyder
At Greenstone Mosaic, we are wondering: How did you find wisdom and new found courage in the face of fear?  I have been interested in talking to people about their fears in this past year. I asked them to tell me how fear challenged them to face things differently. People discovered new reservoirs of commitment Read More

Boards are Stewards of Mission

Posted September 8, 2021 by Bill Snyder
Did you know that boards are stewards of Mission? As a member of a not for profit Board of Directors, you have a special and moral duty. You represent the “moral owners” of the organization. You, along with other members, oversee the stated mission on the basis of the founders and current stakeholders. Sometimes organizations Read More

Diversity in Senior Living Communities

Posted August 9, 2021 by Bill Snyder
I recently spent time with a wonderful board of directors and engaged team members. It was a day devoted to Strategic Visioning. As with many organizations this one stood at the crossroads of pandemic life, emergence, and determining what a prudent and vital future entails. The board dedicated themselves to thoughtful reflection on meaning and Read More

Curators of the Future - Leaders in the Making

Posted September 25, 2020 by Nikki Rineer
  You’ve got a Winner How excited are you when you see a superstar rising in your organization? That person who has a fire in their eyes virtually every morning. The one who sees how today’s new process impacts the flow of two other departments and in addition gets ahead of it before it becomes Read More

Remember to Breathe: Your Leadership Depends on it.

Posted July 28, 2020 by Bill Snyder
Value of Deep Breathing I recently watched a video discussion about breathing produced by a colleague. She made the point that for most of her life she was unaware of her own breath. More recently she attended to the value of deep breathing and consciousness of breath. It is a major component of meditative practice. Read More

Resiliency and Culture in a time of Pandemic

Posted June 23, 2020 by Bill Snyder
An “Interesting” Time It has been an interesting eight weeks. In this time of Covid-19,  I called 60 independent living residents, by telephone, each week to check in and see how they were doing. I helped resolve problems or answered questions. I listened to joy and confidence and I also heard anxiety and loneliness, and Read More

Finding Comfort in the Storm

Posted May 6, 2020 by Bill Snyder
  As the senior living and long-term care field navigates a time of unprecedented challenge, Greenstone Mosaic wants to share its gratitude for all the amazing people who live and work in our communities. The courage and resilience on display every day are both inspiring and humbling. During this time, you might try to find Read More

We See You

Posted March 31, 2020 by Kathleen Frick
The greatest gifts of my experience in working with the senior living and long-term care field is getting to meet the amazing caregivers and service providers who work with residents. Those who stay in these very difficult jobs are motivated by a deep and beautiful commitment to the people they serve. Both Bill and I Read More

Put Down the Duckie…If You Want to Play the Saxophone

Posted February 29, 2020 by Bill Snyder
One of the joys of life when my children were young was watching Sesame Street with them. I learned many life lessons with them with my children, things I carry with me to this day. And while there are many memorable skits, one has had particular staying power, Hoots the Owl, along with cast and Read More